One Little Fishy, Two Little Fishies…

'Catchatrade Online Marketplace' lets suppliers and buyers meet and do business together.

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Air, Land and Sea - Easy Access Whenever, Wherever.

Through our online community create new trading opportunities and streamline the entire order to cash process with just a few clicks!

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We’ll be your compass

Our ‘one click’ reporting tools show you what your exact trading position is in real time. You know how much product you have on the way out and your net cash position. We can customize these tools to alert and advise you on how best to manage your risk based on your input and risk appetite.

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What will this new Seafood community offer ?

Global Access

24/7 real-time Global Marketplace.
Send quotes with just a touch of a button.

Low Cost

Direct to market (no traders/middleman)
Developed to drive value. Putting money into our suppliers pockets on every trade

Easy & Intuitive

Easy offer uploads (Auction or Flat price) to ensure best price execution.
Full control over your offers and pricing.

Security, Strength & Speed

100% secure payment system. Cloud based technology with state of the art encryption.
Robust but simple and easy to use. Better visibility and convenience.

Trading Technology

24/7 Tracking of Order flow and Pipeline.
Alerts and notifications built into the system.

Risk Management & Reporting

Generate customized business reports at whim.
Know your exact trading position (accounts receivable, cash balance) instantly.

We are currently in Beta version.

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